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Mic Drop is changing the way we OPEN MIC. Hosted by San Diego's own Mikey Perry! We invite all COMEDY LOVERS to be apart of the most exciting Friday Night Open Mic in the city! Watch national touring comedians try out new bits for netflix, and watch day one dreamers face their fears for the first time. THIS is where you find your local favorite!

Every FRIDAY Night. Comics will be tested. Feelings might be hurt. But laughs will rise. 2 BUCKETS. One naughty, one nice. Idk why I said that. BUCKET ONE will be for regular sign up submissions. BUCKET TWO will be themed something random and/or silly that they have to work into their set. (Comics) No, you don't have to do bucket two. Yes, you can put your name in both for a chance to go up twice. We will pick a "BEST OF BUCKET TWO" winner at the end of the mic. Bucket Two winners get to pop-in at any time during the following week's open mic. Buckets will be drawn before the start of every show. Although we try our best to get every comic on stage that signs up, the show must end by midnight. Bucket One will take the majority of slots (about 20-22 slots) 4 mins each Bucket Two will have about 5 slots sprinkled throughout the show. Also 4 mins each If there are more names than that, they will still be pulled and put at the bottom of the list, for a chance to perform if time permits or if another comic leaves.

*For Questions:

*Sign-ups start at 9:30pm